Our company adopts the most advanced technology, testing every bearing.We believes that good basic condition of equipment is to ensure that the product quality.So on the equipment investment, has always been at any cost.Ring bearing car currently has basically realized the numerical control processing.


1. The nc workshop


Nc workshop now has 8 common CNC lathes, 1, 2 sets machines processing center, Taiwan CNC milling machine, and a number of upright drilling machine, radial drill, bench drill, tapping machine, car equipment.
bearing nc workshop;bearing numerical control workshop


2. The essence of machine


Two fine machine is not cheap, but look from the processing quality of the products, is really worth the price.
precision machinery;SKK;fine machine
fine machine;precision machinery;SKK


3. Processing center


Our company in the design and production of non-standard bearing has a wealth of experience.Some non-standard parts processing is beyond the traditional bearing processing category.Using machining centers, easy and efficient implementation for some of the underlying complex parts milling, drilling and other processing.
bearing machining center


4. CNC milling machine, vertical drilling, etc.
bearing machining cente

vertical drill