Export FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bush,Bronze Sleeve to Philippines

Products: Wrapped Bronze Bush,Bronze Sleeve,FB090 - Bronze Bushings , FB090 wrapped bronze bushes,wrapped bronze bush with diamond oil groove Types:   WB800,FB090 Material:  Bronze Material mark:  CuSn6.5P Size:   40*44*30L Quantity:   2000pcs 

Jintai Export 1500Pcs JF Flanged Bimetal Bushing to Egypt

  Products: JF Flanged Bimetal Bushing,JF - Bimetal bearings,Flange double layer bearing,Flange double layer bearing Types: JF Material: Bronze+steel Size: 90*70.3*77.2/110 Quantity: 1500pcs  Application: Hydraulic applications 

Jintai Export DP4 Red PTFE Dry Bushings to Indonesia

Products: DP4 Red PTFE Dry Bushings,Red PTFE composite bearing,GGB type DP4 bushing,Red PTFE(teflon) DP4 Bushing,oilless bearing,Red PTFE Slide Bush Types: DP4,SF-1T Material: Steel Backing, Sintered Bronze Inner Layer,Red color PTFE sliding layer Material mark

Jintai Export DU-P slides bearings DP4 bushing to Europe

  Products:  Types: DP4 bushes material: Carbon steel+bronze powder+PTFE+polymer Inner surface: Red PTFE Outer surface: Copper coating Size: 54*58*20L mm Quantity: 600pcs  Hunan Jintai export DP4 Bearing,Red PTFE Inside DU Bushes,SF-1D

Jintai Export JF Bimetal Bearing to Germany

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd.Export AlSn20Cu Bushing,Bimetal Bearing Bush,JF bimetal bearing to Germany.Particularly suitable for engine camshafts, air compressors, refrigerator sleeves,etc.We can custom different types and materials of bearing bushings,accroding

Export JF800 Oilless Bimetal Bearing to Malaysia

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd.Export JF800 Oilless Bimetal Sliding Self Lubricating Bearing Bushing,sleeves JF bushings,Oil greased Bushing,JF bimetal bearing to Malaysia.Use for Hydraulic applications ,Elevators,Transportation,Mechanical

Jintai Export CY-25B Model Ball Transfer Unit to America

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd.Export   CY-25B model ball transfer unit,25kg load capacity,25mm carbon steel , heavy duty ball transfer rollers,ball bearings,ball caster   to America.CY-25B Ball Bearing use for Manufacturing.We can custom different types

Export FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bushings to Egypt

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd.Export FB090 - Bronze Bushings,FB090 wrapped bronze bush,bronze sleeve to Egypt.Size:32ID X36ODX40 L.Dry Bearing use for Hydraulic applications ,Elevators,Transportation,Mechanical engineering,Construction machinery. Product:

Jintai Export Lock Nuts and Lock Washers to Brazil

Products: KM Series Lock Nut and MB Series Lock Washer Types:  Lock Nut And Lock Washer material:  Q235 Lock nut:  KM0 KM1 KM2 KM3 KM4 KM5 KM6 KM7 KM8 KM9 KM10 KM11 KM12 KM13 KM14 KM15 KM16 KM17 KM18 KM19 KM20 KM21 KM22 KM23 KM24 KM25 KM26 KM27 KM28 KM29 KM30

Jintai Export Cast Bronze Bushings to South Korea

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd Export JDB solid bronze bearing,oilless slide plate, wear plate, graphite plugged,JDB - Cast bronze bearings,JPB bronze graphite plate pads  to South Korea. It widely used in excavator,mine scraper, rotary drilling