Oilless bearing installation necessary small common sense

Oil-free self-lubricating bearings, it was based on the steel plate of the substrate, without oil bearing layer sintered spherical bronze powder, surface rolling ptfe and the mixture made of lead.It has a small friction coefficient, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Oilless self-lubrication and long service life characteristics, use it can reduce cost, reduce noise, to prevent sticking, slippery.It is widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as printing presses, textile machines, hydraulic carrier, tobacco machine, medical machinery, machines and micro-motor, automobile, motorcycle, etc.The small installation process need to acquire the following knowledge:
1, be sure that the mating surface of axis, the axis and shell have bumps, bumps, etc
2, whether there is a dust or sand mold is attached on the surface bearing housing. 
3, though it is slight bumps, bumps, etc., if you have to fine sandpaper to remove stone or oil. 
4, in order to avoid bruising, during RongZhuang on the surface of the shaft and the shaft shell should apply a small amount of lubricating oil.To install the bearing axis when applying pressure on the inner ring, bearing installed on the bearing shell, to applying pressure to outer ring.Applying pressure to the bearing, be sure to be careful to evenly, vertical force and partial play will make bearing were injured.Absolutely avoid to slant for this play. 
5, oil-free bearings bearing retainer and sealing plate is absolutely not work.Use hammer and casing installation method, it is generally commonly used method, because can damage the bearing, so Don't knock directly.Must be as shown in figure, make the socket interface in the middle and tapping into it.Hammer should be light light knocks.On the mechanical structure, inner and outer ring are tight fit, you should use plate, make sure power can also add to pressure in the rings.If only in the inner ring into tension, the force will dielectric ball and pressed into the outer ring, therefore, can cause scars in the orbital plane.To margin big bearing installed on the shaft, in clean oil, bearing heating to 80 ~ 90 degrees, the inside diameter expansion to install method, is widely used. 
6, the stiffness of the bearing is reduced due to overheating and, therefore, must not exceed 100 degrees.At this point, the shaft bearing steel wire must be used for hanging, or placed in metal wire, support plate, please do not placed in the bottom of the channel.Bearing to hope temperature (100 degrees), should be immediately removed from the tank, quickly into the shaft, bearing will be along with the temperature drop and shrinkage, sometimes between shoulder and bearing face, will produce gap, therefore, need to use tools, the bearing axis direction compression.