Oilless lubricated bearing series of explanation

Oilless lubricated bearing series analysis is as follows:
1, the lubrication oil free or less, apply to cannot go or it's hard to go places, but when use less maintenance and maintenance.
2, wear-resisting performance is good, small friction coefficient, long service life.3, have the right amount of elastic-plastic, stress distribution in a relatively wide contact surface, improve the bearing capacity.
4, the static friction coefficient, can eliminate the crawling under low speed, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mechanical work.
5, can reduce mechanical vibration, reduce noise, to prevent pollution, improve working conditions.
6, transfer film formation during the operation process, have the effect of protection of grinding axis, no bite shaft phenomenon.
7, low hardness requirements for grinding axis, conditioning treatment without shaft can be used, which reduces the processing difficulty of related parts.
8, thin-walled structure, light quality, can reduce the mechanical volume.
On the back nine, steel can be plating a variety of metal, can be used in the corrosive medium.At present has been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as: printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machinery, micro-motor, automobiles, motorcycles and forestry machinery and so on.